Should You Hire A Roofing Company Or Do It Yourself?

Some important facts to consider when deciding to go down the DIY route.

Education is becoming more and more accessible in the digital age, with more people turning to online tutorials when it comes to making home improvements, even taking on challenges in the roofing department.

There’s potential savings to be had in going down the DIY route, this applies to most work that can be undertaken in the home. There’s a catch to this however, which we’ll discuss further in this blog. We believe though, that there’s some aspects of home improvements that should be left to the experts. For a number of important reasons, we believe roofing is one of these areas.

If you decide you’d like to leave it to the experts you can view our relevant pages such as flat roofing and roof repair where you’ll find a much expanded list of what we do and how we guarantee an expectational job.

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Improved Safety

This is by far the most important one. Attempting DIY roof installation and repairs can be extremely dangerous. As an amateur, you will not have the equipment or safety training which greatly increases the chances of seriously hurting yourself. We believe that you should not even attempt minor repairs because the smallest mistake can be fatal. In contrast, by hiring roofing companies you can rest assured that a professional roofer will come with the right safety gear and there will be little risk of an accident occurring. Not to mention, roofing professionals know how to deal with a range of risky scenarios that involve unexpected fires or problems with electricity. In the very rare event that a roofer is injured, they are equipped with liability insurance which covers expenses such as property damage and bodily injuries.


Now, we mentioned earlier in the blog that DIY solutions can be a more affordable solution, and this is true, however, the catch is that the work needs to be done to a high standard, free of error, with the guarantee that it’ll last.

Let’s say that you do decide to fix your roof yourself, compared to a professional, there’s a very high chance your work will not be to the standard of a roofer with decades of experience. This means that your work will likely degrade faster than the expert with increased probability that the issue will return. All in all, the job won’t be done to quite the same standard, which can lead to costly repairs down the line. There’s also the risk that you may unknowingly or otherwise be undertaking illegal work that could result in massive fines.

Hiring a professional roofing company will help you save money long-term. It will likely cost more to purchase various roofing materials and tools than it would to invest in expert roofers who are already well-equipped. In addition, if you choose to rent equipment, this will also be more expensive than just hiring professional tiling services


A Higher Standard of Work

It goes without saying that a company with years of experience will almost certainly provide a higher standard of work than an individual with entry-level experience and knowledge. When investing in a trusted roofing company such as Edinburgh Borders Roofing, you are guaranteed a very high standard of work. Roofs are such an important part of every home, therefore, it is essential that installations, repairs and replacements are done properly. A high-quality roof will protect your home from extreme weather conditions, maintain adequate insulation and will be sustainable.

Better Products With Longer Guarantees

This is one you may not expect. A well established, reputable roofing company will not only be able to provide you with better materials and products, but they’ll also be able to get you guarantees on those products. This may not be available if you’re going down a DIY route. For example, Edinburgh Borders Roofing offers a staggering 25 year guarantee on Lead work, 15 years on New Roofs as well as 15 years on Flat Roofs. This undoubtedly, is a much better long-term investment when you compare these extended guarantees to doing it yourself, where it’s likely there’ll be no guarantee.

So we believe to get quality roofing works in Edinburgh, whether that be a simple repair or a new flat roof or full roof replacement, it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

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