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The main advantage of lead is its flexibility and durability as lead expands or contracts according to changes in temperature. This is particularly useful in regards to roofing when you consider the constant changes in temperature due to the unpredictable nature of our weather.

When professionally applied lead will last for hundreds of years. Currently there is no other modern product that can match the performance, durability and beauty of lead.

All our lead work is carried out by our professional lead workers in line with current Lead Sheet Association recommendations.

We are able to advise on or complete all structural works in preparation for any leadwork. Please contact us to discuss your project with one of our team.


Lead Roof System, Edinburgh

This was a felt roof that we transformed into a brand new lead flat roof system.

We reformed the run of this complete flatroof with a 1-8 fall. This then allowed us to drop a in a box gutter system. This allowed us to put a bigger outlet in at 110mm(code 8 pipe). It then becomes an internal to external pipe system onto the front roof slope. Followed by an overflow systemat a 75mm code 8 pipe. Treated Timber beaming was put into place, these were bolted into the main roofing joist at both sides off the main roof and in the centre. This shows why the centre joist was encapsulated by a lighter lead at code 6. To give further protection in the centre off the flat roof system. These timber beams are now carrying over 1000 litres of water.


Lead Section - Edinburgh

The stone work was showing massive signs of wear and dampness, so to ensure that we protected this lovely stone turret,
this design was created. Lead detail was formed with code 8 lead to give this stunning look, which will give the life-span of
this turret another 45-50 years. Once all lead was formed and into place, we created a finished lead flashing (cover flashing)
which is raggled into the stone vertical to give the vertical a waterproof finish. We then sealed it with a grey polymastic finish
to allow movement.

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