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Roof Tiling, Galashiels

With this project, when we started removing tiles it was became clear that there was no felt under tiles and the timber boarding was damaged. We had to remove all chip boarding from the roof. Once the tiles and boarding were removed it allowed us to install new 18mm OSB boarding back to the timber joist. We then installed a new breathable membrane before all counter and tile batons were fitted.

All the new Marely Tiles where fitted to the correct margins give the roof the correct headcover. Once tiling was complete there was a dry verge & ridge system installed.


New Flat Roof, Edinburgh

The customer contacted us as the roof was leaking for a month. Once we arrived at the job we soon realised it was going to be difficult due to access. When we started stripping the flat roof we discovered there were a lot off rotten timbers. The roof was striped back to chimney joist. All insolation was removed and new insolation was installed. Timber decking was then put back down using 18mm external ply. We also fitted a small lead box gutter to divide to roof apart.

We suppliedand fitted 3-layer system. The first layer is 2mm tacked layer. The second layer 2mm touch on underlay. The final layer is 4mm torch on black mineral capsheet. We then finished the roof at the gutter level with a welted drip detail, instaling two vent pipes to allow airflow around the internal insolation. Finishing with a vertical upstand with a lead cover flashing detail.

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